The Dalmatian Days Continued….

I thought that when I reached painting No. 50 ‘The Bookcase’ – which summarises the projects halfway point – I would write another short blog. 

I started this project just painting/drawing Dalmatians, but it has now evolved into storytelling through visual art and become a catalogue of Dottie’s adventures. Like all creative projects, things all evolve and change as you go. 

The more I paint, the more ideas I seem to have. So, reaching 101 pictures is now feeling realistic. Phew!

It’s really exciting telling a story through painting but with so many ideas, it feels like I can’t get my paintings out quickly enough. Saying that, I am averaging 2 paintings/collages a day, which is certainly filling my time during lock down & I am really enjoying the process. I am particularly excited about adding a touch of humour to my art. Laughter has never been more important, and as I journey through the challenges of January 2021, I am so grateful to Dottie and her numerous adventures in keeping my spirit filled! I hope that she is also painting a smile on your face.

Thank you for all the likes, comments and photos which are keeping me going towards my goal of 101 Dalmatians. Thanks to Michelle at the Royal Exchange, and Angie at the Flying Ducks Gallery, for kindly exhibiting some of the paintings in their windows. Thanks also to Gina for her baking skills and last, but by no means least, to Kate Hulme and her beautiful Dalmatian (Dottie) for inspiring me.

Once lockdown is lifted and we can all meet up again, I hope to exhibit all the 101 Dalmatians in Staffordshire. 

Until then, you can follow Dottie’s Adventures via my website:

I also paint commissions, so if you have a particular idea – perhaps of your pet dog/cat/llama – just drop me an email via and I would be more than happy to discuss the project with you further. 

Keep Smiling!  Or keep being Dotty!

Ellie’s Art


Full collection so far:

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