The Dalmatian Days

It was January 1st 2021 and I was walking along the common plot with my neighbour Jackie and her small dog Charlie, a Dachshund and Chihuahua mix. It had snowed heavily the day before and the plot was white over. Half way round a gorgeous Dalmatian with a blue collar comes running over and kisses Charlie on the nose. The Dalmatian against the snow was stunning and the black dots a real contrast.

The following day I decided to paint from one of the photographs and that’s where it all began. One painting turned into two and after sharing the images with my friend Danny, he said ‘Why don’t you paint 101 of them’ jokingly. Always with an open mind I thought maybe I could, with the fact that we had been put into lockdown and I have been furloughed. The idea reminded me of David Hockney’s Dog Days book that is sitting on my Dad’s coffee table.

Currently on Dalmatian No. 26 the challenge now seems somewhat unrealistic but watch this space. Dalmatian paintings