My notes on Yuvi (Yuval Gold)

I first became aware of his work recently in my local art gallery, who are currently displaying one of his paintings. On first sight it encapsulated me with his rich use of colour, texture and media.
This graffiti artist from Tel Aviv combines a hybrid mixture of influences in his work. Inspired by great American icons and current day street artists, he layers his influences in a unique style. His work is exciting to the eye and combines a variety of visual languages that sing together. He even makes sculptures of his spray cans set in resin.
The Queen, the monopoly man, superheroes, a variety of animals, Salvador Dali, Banksy, Charlie Chaplin, Warhol’s soup can and Marilyn Monroe, to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Einstein, Sonic the Hedgehog and Minnie and Micky Mouse are just a few of his iconic images that appear in his work.
He uses a mixture of digital technologies and traditional techniques with the surface of the canvas becoming a rich layer of mediums. The art work screams street culture and a feast for the eyes to anyone who loves a mix of popular icons and graffiti style collage.